Backpack Buckles-Snow Apparel Components-Snowboarder

Superior Plastic Buckles
and Components

The most reliable and resistant buckles
and components on the market!

What makes our products so special?
Products for a variety of markets!
UL Certified PFD Life Jacket-Jet-Ski

Safety you can rely on!

Our buckles are UL as well as
EN/ISO certified for use
for PFD's (personal flotation devices)
and Life Jackets.

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Helmet Safety Curved Plastic Buckle-Mountain Biking

Helmet Safety Buckles

A curved buckle for complete safety

and comfort!

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Products for every
aspect of life

Your customers engage in a variety of outdoor activities and sports. Your products are designed to help them enjoy their time and keep them safe. Winhigh recognizes that there is a need for different products and different designs to match a broad range of outdoor and apparel products.

Find out more about the markets we serve and the products we specifically designed for these markets.


Plastic Buckles and Components

Our buckles and components are the best on the market, thanks to our world-class competence in high precision tool-making and our commitment to quality. Our catalogue items routinely out-perform competitor products, while our pricing is sure to please. And with the shortest supply lead-time in the industry, we will keep your supply chain humming.

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Set your imagination

You design your products to be unique, so why add the plain old buckles and components that everyone else has? We design products that meet your specific requirements. Color, Texture and Shape are just a few things we can customize… Bring your ideas to us and we will figure out the rest.

Learn more about our AFFORDABLE customization options.


What Winhigh can do that other’s can’t

Winhigh offers the most durable products on the market. From tensile strength to impact strength and low temperature performance, Winhigh products are ready to meet the challenges of your toughest customers. The more demanding the application, the more reason to choose Winhigh as your supply partner.

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Start living the dream with Winhigh!

COMING SOON – New Products and Concepts

Plastic Buckles and Components with a Carbon Fiber look


Dry Bag Buckles and Components-Outdoor Gear