Live the Dream with Winhigh and don't worry about broken buckles and components any longer

…of no more broken buckles and components!

We have heard about the embarrassment and frustration of customers that return your products to you because of broken buckles and components. The nightmare of having to re-gain the trust with the customer and trying to maintain their business starts from there…

With Winhigh you can live the dream – so that you and your customers don’t have to live through bad experiences like this one.

A Real-Life Story:

To this date, our favorite story and best compliment we received is from one of our first customers who came to us with frustrations regarding broken buckles and components: they had fantastic products their customers loved – at least until buckles broke, cord-locks fell off, or other plastic trims failed in the great outdoors.

After switching to Winhigh side-release buckles, trims and cord-locks, their customer complaints started declining. This customer had begged for a box of “replacement buckles” as backup for those times customers returned their products with broken buckles.

Fast forward 2 years: We have created a strong, lasting partnership, their customers are happier than ever with their products… and that box of back-up replacement buckles remains untouched.