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BDN Plastic Side-Release Bondi Buckle Spec Sheet

Side-Release Bondi Buckle: BDN


Initially designed as the BD-16 model to specifically meet the intense demands needed to keep dry bags sealed, the Bondi Buckle BD-16 gained popularity across other markets as well, resulting in a “non-adjustable” BDN buckle.


  • Two-faced buckle
  • No punch marks
  • No mold marks
  • “Non-Adjustable”
  • Polished side-arms for easy and comfortable release
  • Great fit for nearly every market & application
  • Other Bondi Buckle models include: BD (Single Glide) and DBD (Double Glide)
  • Specifically designed for Dry Bags, yet versatile so it can be used in other applications as well

Size & Dimension Overview

BDNItem No.mminMaterialLowest Expected Tensile Load (LETL)ABCD
Bondi 16 (shown w/Latch 1210-1600)1200-1600BDN1616mm1″Acetal300N16.

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