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XT Dual Plastic Side-Release Buckle (DXT) Spec Sheet

Side-Release Buckle: XT Dual


The world’s strongest side-release buckles for guaranteed performance in all conditions.


  • Extremely high tensile strength for challenging applications
  • Anti Pinching protects your fingers from accidental injury
  • Symmetrical female allows easy sewing
  • Tracking System on back side
  • Self guide shape for ease of use
  • Polished side-arms for easy and comfortable release
  • Center rib reinforced female
  • Audible click on closing
  • Excellent low temperature performance down to -40℃

Size & Dimension Overview

XT DualItem No.mminMaterialLowest Expected Tensile Load (LETL)ABCD
XT-25 DUAL (shown w/Latch 2011-2500)2000-2500DXT2525mm1″Acetal890N25.032.363.412.0
XT-40 DUAL (shown w/Latch 2011-4000)2000-4000DXT4040mm1-1/2″Acetal890N39.547.076.414.2
XT-50 DUAL (shown w/Latch 2011-5000)2000-5000DXT5050mm2″Acetal1000N50.9152.2289.7316.56

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