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FOX Dual Plastic Side-Release Buckle (DFOX) Spec Sheet

Side-Release Buckle: FOX Dual


Winhigh’s fashionable and appealing FOX Side-Release Buckle is a light-weight side-release buckle with curved shape and contoured body.


  • Evoking an image of a fox, fashionable and appealing
  • Light weight with V-shaped open space on body
  • High tensile strength to weight ratio
  • Polished side-arms for easy and comfortable release
  • Self guide shape for ease of use
  • Tracking System™ on back side
  • Audible click on closing
  • Excellent low temperature performance down to -40

Size & Dimension Overview

FOX Dual
Item No.mminMaterialLowest Expected Tensile Load (LETL)ABCD
FOX-Dual 20 (Shown w/Latch
1011-2000) 1001-2500
FOX-Dual 25 (Shown w/Latch
1011-2500) 1001-2500
Fox-Dual 40 (Shown w/Latch
1011-4000) 1001-4000

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