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BD Dual Plastic Side-Release Bondi Buckle (DBD) Spec Sheet

Side-Release Bondi Buckle: BD Dual


The BD Dual Bondi Buckles are two-faced buckles, easy-release and symmetrical, and ready to let your products shine.


  • High tensile strength to weight ratio
  • Polished side-arms for easy and comfortable release
  • Self guide shape for ease of use
  • Tracking system on back side
  • Audible click on closing
  • No punch marks
  • No mold marks
  • Excellent low temperature performance down to -40℃
  • Also available as BD (Single Glide)

Size & Dimension Overview

BD DualItem No.mminMaterialLowest Expected Tensile Load (LETL)ABCD
BD Dual-20DBD2020mm3/4″Acetal534N19.4620.6251.819.11
BD Dual-25DBD2525mm1″Acetal668N24.1325.664.411.39
BD Dual-40DBD4040mm1-1/2″Acetal668N39.038.8374.9211.87

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