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XLP Plastic Looplock Spec Sheet

Looplock: XLP


Count on Winhigh’s plastic XLP Looplocks for the ultimate security for your webbing.


  • Simple and functional designs
  • Durable and high-strength components you can rely upon
  • Performance guaranteed down to -40℃

Size & Dimension Overview

XLPItem No.mminMaterialLowest Expected Tensile Load (LETL)ABCD
XLP-20 5101-2000XLP2020mm3/4″Acetal890N20.027.518.84.7
XLP-25 5101-2500XLP2525mm1″Acetal890N25.
XLP-25 5101-4000XLP4040mm1-1/2″Acetal1000N40.047.9233.057.41

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