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FLL Plastic Ladderlock Spec Sheet

Ladderlock: FLL


Simply styled, the high-strength FLL plastic ladderlocks ready to meet any challenges.


  • Big ladderlock tab allows 180° access and adjustment
  • UL Certified for use in Life Jackets/ PFDs (FLL-25)
  • Designed for smooth webbing sliding
  • Super strong
  • 3-bar tie-down allows mounting to traditional lacing system

Size & Dimension Overview

FLLItem No.mminMaterialLowest Expected Tensile Load (LETL)ABCD
FLL-16 4001-1600FLL1616mm5/8″Acetal668N16.022.036.610.6
FLL-20 4001-2000FLL2020mm3/4″Acetal668N20.
FLL-25 4001-2500FLL2525mm1″Acetal890N25.031.341.612.9
FLL-40 4001-4000FLL4040mm1-1/2″Acetal1000N40.045.3447.29.23

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